Valençay 2011 - Jean François ROY

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Ladies & Gentleman ,

Wooow I am so pleased today to be presented on your blog guys !

It is not in my habits to praise myself, but today as the Wine Man Show told me to do, I will say that (hell yeah !), I am pretty damn good !

Boys and girls, you will love me. Why am I so convinced?

First, I am fresh, and I know that in these times all off you guys need something easy to drink, not to heavy, but not too light at the same time.

Secondly, if you bring it over to some friends' or family's place, they will love it and love you !

Thirdly, I am not that kind of wine you need to match a dish with, you can take me however you want!

Finally, when you'll see my price, you will definitely be convinced that you CAN find delicious & affordable wines!

I made of 80% Sauvignon and 20% Chardonnay which balances very well the acidity of the Sauvignon. I am pretty young at the moment, as I was born in 2011, but you can definitely have me right now! If you are not interested in youngsters, you can wait until 3 years!

Appearance : Light yellow with luminous green glints

Nose : intencity of citrus fruits with scents of loctus flowers

Palate : Frank attaque at the beginning then a supple mouth, where we find grapefruit and lemon aromas. The finale brings aromas of plants.

Price : 5,30€

Available at : La Vignery (Auchan Bouliac)

Château de Sanxet 2010- Bergerac Sec-

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I'am a wine from Bergerac produced
by Joseph et Claire de Froment which are young  viticulteurs located near Bergerac.

In order to make sure of my quality, they use vines which have 20 years.

The main grape variety used to produced a bottle of Bergerac Sec is the Sauvignon, which gives me
typically a light to medium-bodied, crisp and refreshing white wine with notable acidity in mouth. 

This grape variety offers a fairly wide range of flavors. From herbal taste sensations to veggie,
and from flavors of grass, hay and mineral tones 
to a citrus and tropical flavor mix.

Sauvignon  displays a very unique wine tasting adventure.

You can buy me in my château
I let you my adress in the case you want to visit me.

Joseph et Claire de Froment
Chateau de Sanxet
24420 Pomport

In you want some more details about me, feel free to come to taste me in my château. 

Louis Dubosquet Champagne Grand Cru 1999

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today let's speak about Champagne !

... Louis Dubosquet Champagne Grand Cru 1999


"I'm coming exclusively from one or several villages amoungst the legally classified 100% Grand Cru 17 villages.

Do you know that there is 324 different villages for making Champagne and only 17 are classified Grand Cru !
The Grand Cru villages are: Ambonnay, Avize, Ay, Beaumont-sur-Vesle, Bouzy, Chouilly (raisins blancs), Cramant, Louvois, Mailly-Champagne, Le Mesnil-sur-Orge, Oger, Oiry, Puisieulx, Sillery, Tours-sur-Marne, Verzenay and Verzy.

The production of Grand Cru Champagne is very tiny but makes great Champagnes.

I'm well balanced with the two main grappes used for Champagne : 55% of Pinot Noir and 45% of Chardonnay.


Wonderful! Very floral from the Chardonnay grappes, quite fruity and very long finish from the Pinot noir grappes.
Taste of toast bread, butter and toasted almonds...
The bubbles are very little and the mouthfeel is incredible!


I'm presented in a traditonal XIXth style bottle with a 24 carats gilded label, identified by a unique number engraved in the glass and mentioned on the watermarked certificate impossible to copy. 

My cork, as during the XVIIIth century and according to the Royal Ordonnance dated 1735, is maintained, not by a metallic muselet, but by a crossed rope with a sealed.

Price: Around 160€

Château Guionne 2006 - AOC Côtes de Bourg

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Ladies and Gentlemen !

Happy new year to all of you ! I guess you must have heard this sentence millions of time but still,
I wish you a new year with lots of discoveries, and surprises, as I am !

I was born and bread in AOC Côtes de Bourg, at Château Guionne, on the right bank, south of Côtes de Blaye, and have never left my mummy and daddy's home. It feels so good to be there ! AOC Côtes de Bourg is a wonderful appellation, to spend a whole day walking around this beautiful nature, and visit "Chateaux". People over there are very chilled and passionate about what they do.

My 4 friends and I went for a trip to Barcelona for New Year's Eve, which was pretty cool ! I didn't see much of the city as I was resting to be opened in the best conditions.

My friends told me about the architecture which they found pretty original,  and the most important thing, FOOD and DRINKS !
They found that little local restaurant "Pisa Morena" close to the port, where the woman serving was wonderful, the boys loved her, the girls a bit less... However, the food was delicious, they took a doggy bag for me (yes my friends are nice). I had these amazing "Patatas bravas" which is a dish native to Spain served as a tapas, they are potatoes cut in irregular shapes and fried into oil and cooked with garlic, they are then served with a spicy tomato or mayonnaise sauce.
I really recommend you this place if you go to Barcelona !

Hey ! Isn't this post supposed to talk about me and how sexy I am ?!

My name is "Cuvée Renaissance", and I am the result of a meticulous selection of parcels. I am aged in oak barrels from 18 months, then 2 months in a tanks after they assembled me, before being bottled.
I am made from 40% Malbec, 40% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc.

As I am still young, my friends had to open me for an hour, to let me breathe and emerge my true flavor, before enjoying me.

I have a very impressive purple red colour.

I am a complex and intense wine, with candied fruits aromas such as black cherries. I have woody aromas that are balanced with the red fruits aromas.
I am long and complex in mouth what makes me unforgettable  to anyone who has already tried me, 

My friends enjoyed me for aperitif as they were going out for dinner afterwards. I can be enjoyed on its own, but people usually find me even more appreciable with some food. And because I am very powerful, I would recommend me with some red meats such as Game, or even chocolate desserts.

The Girls fell in love with me, I told you I have a incredible sex appeal !

Poor boys, when they came back I was finished ! They were pretty unhappy about that... Even more when they saw prints of lipstick on my skin.
But hey I have to say that I really enjoyed the company of these two girls !


This year, the "Portes Ouvertes" of Côtes de Bourg will take place on the 11th and 12th of May, I am looking forward to seing you guys at Châteaux Guionne !

Price : 13,90€
Available at: Maison du Vin Côtes de Bourg, Any V&B in France



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This month, we are going to discover the new UNGAVA CANADIAN PREMIUM GIN !

We know, we know... There are many differents kind of gin in your supermarket... And you’re probably wondering why choose this one ?

Ungava, a vast territory in the Canadian Arctic, is an unspoiled region of strartling landscapes and extreme climate. However, several invincible Inuit brave the storm to hand-harvest these rare tundra botanicals used in the making of ungava gin !

His particular aroma can be traced back to six rare botanicals, 100% natural and native to the arctic region ! Nordic Juniper, Arctic Blend, Labrador Tea, Crowberry, Cloudberry and Wild Rose Hip ! Handpicked in the wild during the fleeting summer season, these plants are handcrafted into an authentic gin with a unique taste to the delight of adventurous amateurs and connoisseurs alike. Different blends were tested to find the perfect recipe, which tastes like gin, but with a floral note, more aromatic.

Ungava gin’s shows a unique yellow colour, result of a post distillation herbal infusion. This super premium gin is sold in outstanding packaging which complements the appearance of the precious liquid contained within.

PRICE  29,99€
It's now AVAILABLE on Metro Store and Promocash (so ... only for professionals .. but a partnership with wine merchants will start in some weeks !)

Are you curious about this weird nectar ? Here is a good way to drink it !

THE UNGAVA COCKTAIL > Recommended by winemanshow !
1 1/2 oz of gin Ungava
2 oz of ginger beer
7-8 cubes of concombre
1/4 oz of lime
In your shaker, put some ice, add gin, cucumber and lime. Shake vigorously and put it in highball glass. Add ginger beer and garnish with a long piece of cucumber. ENJOY !

Magnum Brut, R de Ruinart _

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The Chardonnay grape is the soul of the Maison Ruinart

The grapes, resulting mainly from the Côte des Blancs and Montagne de Reims, is at the heart of all vintages.

Of great aromatic freshness, bright, pure light, it is the common thread in all his joints.

Delicate and fragile, Chardonnay flourishes and is a measure of its aromatic richness that over a slow maturation in the freshness of crayères: up to 3 years for non-vintage wines, 9-10 years for Dom Ruinart.

This maturation requires the head of a Master Cellars able to tame the whims of a variety like no other.

All this miracle called "Taste Ruinart" is this: in the brightness, intensity and elegance. It is these qualities that give the Ruinart taste and personality to share rare.

Founded in 1721, the House of Ruinart was named after Benedictine monk Dom Thierry Ruinart. 
It is located at the entrance to the city of Reims, where crayères (Gallo-Roman chalk pits) hewn out of the chalk subsoil are the secret to a slow ageing process, normally lasting between three and twelve years depending on the cuvée.


Everything is around freshness and balanced "R" de Ruinart.

Chardonnay 40% Pinot Noir 50-55
Pinot Meunier from 5 to 10%.  
Its dress yellow with golden reflections. 

BRILLIANCE > Crystalline.

NOSEdelicate and fruity.  
There say aromas of pear flesh to clear 
and nuts - hazelnuts, almonds
And notes of white flowers, escorted
by aromas of buttered brioche and croissants.

In the mouth, its freshness dominant, it combines with harmony and roundness with a persistent length.

This magnum Brut was sold in a specific box 

It is available on Cotes Vins at 88,00€ and on Le Repaire de Bacchus at 

Blanc Sec -Chenin 2009- Coteaux du Saillant _

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Located in Corrèze next to Brive, my wineyard is not well known ...yet but I really deserve to be recognised and appreciated !!


My wineyard has a long history but I am going to be quick. Before having been left alone because of the philoxera disease in 1875. 

I was already recognised thanks to the quality of my terroir. In 1990, fifteen friends decided to give a new life to my wineyard. In 2003, the first wines has been planted. 

Nowadays, the domain counts 18 hectares with,several grape varieties
Principally, chenin, sauvignon gris and chardonnay for the whites and merlot and cabernet franc for the reds.



I am the last wine born from the domain, but not the least !!

Composed only from chenin, I am very tonic, fruity and mineral wine which remind my terroir and my history worldwide known for its mineral soil. 

You will be asking me with which meals I can be associated with?

Keep calm. My special advice are coming...

I am really good with salads or with fish which goes well with my fruitness and my mineral taste but think to me when you are looking for a good wine to join any occasion. 

In other words, I am ... how to say... not difficult to associate with.

If you let me add something... Good wines are not only those with a high price. I hope, thanks to this special edition of my wine man show to have awaken in you the desire to taste me very soon.  



I am available on the website of Coteaux de Saillant Vézère at 7.80€ >
Coteaux du Saillant-Vézère